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SWCS National Capital Chapter Events

The National Capital Chapter typically sponsors events each year. Proposed events for 2018 include:

  • A tour of the Choptank Watershed, fall 2018
  • Webinar, History of Soil Conservation, summer 2018
  • Tour of the Anacostia River, summer 2018
  • SWCS Lunch and Learn, April 2018
  • Happy hour or social event
  • Norm Berg Award nominations, August 2018

All proposed events are subject to change and the planning process is open to feedback from our members. Please contact any of the NCC Officers with suggestions for tours and seminars.  

Past Events

Social Gatherings         

February 2017 (pictured), January 2016: Meet the Officers dinner at Founding Farmers 

July 2016: Chapter members dinner at Sidebar for Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference in Louisville, KY

January 2015: Drinks at The Dubliner for SWCS members following American Water Resources Association event on the Farm Bill and the Chesapeake Bay

July 2014: Chapter dinner during 2014 Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference in Lombard, IL

March 2014: Happy Hour at Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown

January 2013: 2013 Kick-Off Social Gathering at Founding Farmers

March 2012: Environmental Film Festival

Left to Right: Andy Manale, Michelle Perez, Maggie Spinelli, Phil Spinelli, and Becky Mitschele.

Enjoying some Mexican food after the movie screenings of Expedition Blue Planet: North America and Potomac: American Reflections.  Left to Right: Andy Manale, Michelle Perez, Maggie Spinelli, Phil Spinelli, and Becky Mitschele.

Left to Right: Andy Manale, Michelle Perez, Maggie Spinelli, Phil Spinelli, and Becky Mitschele.

Enjoying some Chinese food after the movie screening of the Symphony of Soil.  Left to Right: Ed Murtagh, Michelle Perez, Joceyln Aieman, and Kathy Michels. 


September 2017 Lunch and Learn: Communicating Science 

August 2016 Lunch and Learn: Drought, Climate Change, and Food Security

December 2014: The Case of Conowingo Dam- Green infrastructure for climate resilient coastal and river corridors 

Presentation and discussion by Wendi Goldsmith, a geomorphologist and VP at Chester Engineers. Wendi Goldsmith is a pioneer in the field of ecological restoration and the application of sustainability principles to natural resource planning, commercial development, and public infrastructure.   

November 2014: Panel on The Future of Non-Point Source Pollution Reduction Strategies at American Water Resources Association annual conference in Tyson's Corner, VA: NCC Chapter Officers organized a special topic session panel presented by Lara Bryant, Sara Walker, Chris Hartley, and Michelle Perez. The goal of this session was to discuss the latest strategies for addressing non-point sourcepollution through multi-stakeholder partnerships, and especially to inspire public works to consider adopting their own non-point source strategy. Attendees were presented with ideas on how partners can work together to effectively address water quality problems in a more cost-effective manner.

December 2012: Lessons Learned from 13 NIFA-CEAP Watershed Projects: Dr. Deanna Osmond presented on lessons learned from thirteen watershed projects  funded by NIFA and NRCS as part of the overall CEAP initiative to focus on relating water quality change to conservation.  

June 2012: Feeding a 9 Billion World: Implications for Soil and Water ConservationDr. Neil Conklin, Dr. Theo Dillaha, and Dr. Sara Scherr, presented on is how to meet these new demands for food, fiber, and fuel while conserving our soil and water resources and protecting biodiversity.   The three panelists discussed the different viewpoints regarding 1) the need for a new Green Revolution and the need for more land for crop production, 2) the possibilities for shifting current production to more conserving production, including the transfer of technology from first to third worlds, and 3) the role of changing food and product choices—food versus fuel, healthier food consumption habits.  How do we shift to a more sustainable trajectory towards food security?

August 2010: Dr. Ryan C. Atwell is an American Association for the Advancement of Science Technology Fellow working with the USDA Office of Environmental Markets. Dr. Atwell will share highlights from his dissertation entitled “Linking Resilience Theory and Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Understand the Potential for Perennials in the Corn Belt.” Interview data indicate that the adoption of conservation practices is based not only on immediate profitability but also on the interplay between contextual factors at three distinct levels of the system: compatibility, community level reinforcement, and well-targeted incentives and regulations. 

October 2009 Sally Collins, Director of USDA Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets will discuss how markets for water quality, wetlands, carbon, and biodiversity can reward America’s landowners for their stewardship activities.

September 2008: A Special Seminar The Renewable Fuels Standard Panel Presentation and Discussion: Pros, Cons, Challenges, Unintended Consequences and Regulatory Activities.

Summer 1999: The U.S.-South Africa BiNational Commission and the Role of the Working Group on Sustainable Natural Resource Utilization. 


2017 Tour of USDA Beltsville Agriculture Research Center

2014 Tour of the USDA Green Roof

On July 22, 2014, NCC members toured the USDA's green roof, bee-hives, and composting and recycling program with USDA staff as the guides.

2013 Tour of Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant

In November 14th 2013, six members of the National Capital Chapter toured the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant.

 Members touring the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plan

 Members touring the plant

2009 Spring Tour Botanical Garden

2008 Fall Tour Rock Creek and National Arboretum

2007 Spring Tour ARS Research Farm and US FWS Patuxent Center

2007 Fall Tour Conservation at the Rural Suburban Interface

2006 Fall Tour Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

2005 Fall Conservation Tour Potomac and Anacostia River Tours

2003 Fall Tour Conservation in Anne Arundel Co MD