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Soil and Water Conservation: A Celebration of 75 Years
Edited by Jorge A. Delgado, Clark J. Gantzer, and Gretchen F. Sassenrath
Full-color, 332 pages, 6" x 9" softbound
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ISBN 978-0-9856923-2-2 (print)
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In response to the devastating effects of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, Hugh Hammond Bennett and a small group of visionary conservationists banded together to form what would become the Soil and Water Conservation Society, a professional organization with the goal of advancing the science and art of sound land and water use. Now, 75 years later, the Society serves as a global leader in conservation research, education, policy, and practice.

Throughout this anniversary collection, researcher and practitioner experts celebrate progress of the past and explore the future of conservation at a critical time when all natural resources are threatened by the imminent impact of a changing climate. Collectively, the book serves as an introduction to the field, emphasizing the truly interdisciplinary nature of conservation work. Individually, however, chapters review developments and make recommendations for continued advancement in areas such as water quality and quantity, erosion, soil biology and health, carbon sequestration, and conservation modeling. Authors also address the evolution of key practices, including irrigation, nutrient management, drainage, cover crops, and precision conservation, and the cooperative efforts and policies that have facilitated their adoption.

Decades of published research and in-field experience are distilled into brief, informative chapters that provide perspective on the complex relationships between land managers and the environment in the face of current challenges, such as a changing climate, shrinking water resources, a growing global population, and shifting land uses. With 29 chapters and the contributions of 70 scientists and practitioners, this book serves as a landmark in natural resource conservation history.

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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Clare Lindahl and Annie Binder

Acknowledgements and Dedication
Jorge A. Delgado, Clark J. Gantzer, and Gretchen F. Sassenrath

Chapter 1. The Soil and Water Conservation Society: The Society’s Beginning
Clark J. Gantzer and Stephen H. Anderson

Chapter 2. Advancing Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture while Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
Rattan Lal

Chapter 3. Ecological Embeddedness, Agricultural “Modernization,” and Land Use Change in the US Midwest: Past, Present, and Future
J. Arbuckle

Chapter 4. Social Understandings and Expectations: Agricultural Management and Conservation of Soil and Water Resources in the United States
Lois Wright Morton

Chapter 5. A History of Economic Research on Soil Conservation Incentives
Steven Wallander, Daniel Hellerstein, and Maria Bowman

Chapter 6. Ecosystem Services Markets Conceived and Designed for US Agriculture
Debbie Reed

Chapter 7. Soil and Water Conservation Society and the Farm Bill: A Historical Review
Joe Otto

Chapter 8. Protecting Ecosystems by Engaging Farmers in Water Quality Trading: Case Study from the Ohio River Basin
Jessica Fox and Brian Brandt

Chapter 9. Water Availability for Agriculture in the United States
Teferi Tsegaye, Daniel Moriasi, Ray Bryant, David Bosch, Martin Locke, Philip Heilman, David Goodrich, Kevin King, Fred Pierson, Anthony Buda, Merrin Macrae, and Pete Kleinman

Chapter 10. Water Optimization through Applied Irrigation Research
Matt Yost, Niel Allen, Warren Peterson, and Jody Gale

Chapter 11. Water Quality
Jorge A. Delgado

Chapter 12. Agricultural Drainage: Past, Present, and Future
Vinayak S. Shedekar, Norman R. Fausey, Kevin W. King, and Larry C. Brown

Chapter 13. Seizing the Opportunity: Realizing the Full Benefits of Drainage Water Management
Charles Schafer, Dave White, Alex Echols, and Thomas W. Christensen

Chapter 14. Wetland Conservation in the United States: A Swinging Pendulum
David M. Mushet and Aram J.K. Calhoun

Chapter 15. Accelerating Implementation of Constructed Wetlands on Tile-Drained Agricultural Lands in Illinois, United States
A. Maria Lemke, Krista G. Kirkham, Adrienne L. Marino, Michael P. Wallace, David A. Kovacic, Kent L. Bohnhoff, Jacqueline R. Kraft, Mike Linsenbigler, and Terry S. Noto

Chapter 16. The Role of Soil Physics as a Discipline on Soil and Water Conservation during the Past 75 Years
Francisco J. Arriaga, DeAnn R. Presley, and Birl Lowery

Chapter 17. The Growing Role of Dissolved Nutrients in Soil and Water Conservation
Kenneth W. Staver

Chapter 18. From Nutrient Use to Nutrient Stewardship: An Evolution in Sustainable Plant Nutrition
Lara Moody and Tom Bruulsema

Chapter 19. Soil Biology Is Enhanced under Soil Conservation Management
Robert J. Kremer and Kristen S. Veum

Chapter 20. Soil Health: Evolution, Assessment, and Future Opportunities
Douglas L. Karlen

Chapter 21. Building Resilient Cropping Systems with Soil Health Management
Barry Fisher

Chapter 22. Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Carbon Sequestration: Challenges and Solutions for Natural Resources Conservation through Time
Jean L. Steiner and Ann Marie Fortuna

Chapter 23. Conserving Soil and Water to Sequester Carbon and Mitigate Global Climate Change
Rattan Lal

Chapter 24. Modeling Soil and Water Conservation
Dennis C. Flanagan, Larry E. Wagner, Richard M. Cruse, and Jeffrey G. Arnold

Chapter 25. From the Dust Bowl to Precision Conservation
Jorge A. Delgado and Gretchen F. Sassenrath

Chapter 26. Developments in Midwestern Precision Conservation
Clay Bess

Chapter 27. Cover Crops: Progress and Outlook
Eileen J. Kladivko

Chapter 28. Marketing Conservation Agronomy: Cover Crops from Two Practitioners’ Points of View
Sarah Carlson and Alisha Bower

Chapter 29. The Future of Soil, Water, and Air Conservation
Jorge A. Delgado, Clark J. Gantzer, and Gretchen F. Sassenrath

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