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The Sciences and Art of Adaptive Management: Innovating for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
Edited by Keith M. Moore 
264 pages, PDF
ISBN 978-0-9769432-7-3

The 25 authors of this book represent a rich international knowledge base related to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

As Moore describes in the preface, “Adaptive management is a structured process of learning by doing.” Adaptive management is not just a trendy term of the day; it is an approach that will become even more essential in the future to adequately understand the interlinking systems that affect landscape health and to successfully mitigate negative impacts on the environment. Landscapes are described in the book as “complex adaptive systems.” Managing landscape resources requires considering the interplay of many factors, from biophysical to cultural. The book develops an approach that promotes resilient systems over nonresilient systems.

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Table of Contents



Part I. Managing Adaptive Systems

Chapter 1. Landscape Systems Framework for Adaptive Management
Keith M. Moore

Part II. Complex Systems and Development: The Science

Chapter 2. The Field System           
J. Paul Mueller, Denise Finney, and Paul Hepperly

Chapter 3. Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Farm Enterprise Systems
Peter Wyeth

Chapter 4. Watershed-Based Systems
Sharyl Walker and Saied Mostaghimi

Chapter 5. Governance of Landscape Systems: A Dinner Party Approach
Cornelia Butler Flora and Arion Thiboumery

Chapter 6. Ecosystems and Ecosystem-Based Management
Carola A. Haas, Emmanuel A. Frimpong, and Sarah M. Karpanty

Chapter 7. Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: A Policy Perspective
Gerald Shively and Dileep Birur

Chapter 8. Building Innovation Systems for Managing Complex Landscapes
Louise E. Buck and Sara J. Scherr

Part III. Case Studies across Landscape Systems: The Art

Chapter 9. Community-Based Wetland Comanagement in Bangladesh
Devona Bell Sherwood

Chapter 10. Adaptive Watershed Management in the South American Highlands: Learning and Teaching on the Fly
Jeffrey Alwang, Victor Barrera, Robert Andrade, Sarah Hamilton, and George W. Norton

Chapter 11. Community Organizing for Natural Resource Management: Strategies for Mitigating Farmer-Pastoralist Conflict through Decentralized Governance
Michael Bertelsen, Salmana Cissé, Keith M. Moore, and Abdoulaye Touré

Chapter 12. Systems Integration and Innovation
Keith M. Moore


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