Man-Induced Soil Erosion on the Piedmont

Man-Induced Soil Erosion on the Southern Piedmont: 1700-1970 (Enhanced Second Edition)
by Stanley W. Trimble
80 pages, illustrated, 8.5" x 11" softbound
ISBN 978-0-9769432-5-9

The new edition of the classic includes a new Preface by the author and a new Foreword by Andrew Goudie of Oxford University, as well as improved artwork, all new book design, and high quality print production.

"Stan Trimble’s study of soil loss and agricultural practice across the Southern Piedmont remains the gold standard as a fusion of theoretical and empirical work in American environmental historical geography. In sheer territorial extent, chronological sweep, evidentiary depth, and methodological ingenuity it is a classic yet to be superseded. Its blend of rigorous conceptualization, diverse quantitative and qualitative data, bold assumptions, and forthright conclusions stand as a model of focused, incremental investigation, thorough-going cartographic analysis, interdisciplinary significance, and policy relevance. As reflected in numerous reprintings and now this new edition, it is a study that after all these years continues to merit a close reading."--Michael Conzen,  University of Chicago

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