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Farming with Grass: Achieving Sustainable Mixed Agricultural Landscapes
Edited by Alan J. Franzluebbers

Farming with Grass: Achieving Sustainable Mixed Agricultural Landscapes was inspired by a conference with the same name, which brought together diverse stakeholders in grassland environments. The purpose of this conference was to (1) help assess the current condition of agriculture, (2) consider alternative production scenarios for grassland agricultural ecosystems, (3) identify key issues hindering the development of more sustainable systems, and (4) clarify the role of science and government policies in developing options for the future.

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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Alan J. Franzluebbers, Jean L. Steiner, and Dewayne Johnson

Reconsidering Grass: Sustainable New Farm Designs
Frederick Kirschenmann

Current Status and Future Trends in American Agriculture: Farming with Grass
John E. Ikerd

Toward a Sustainable Agriculture (Free Access)
Jon D. Hanson and John R. Hendrickson

Challenges and Opportunities for Forage-Based Beef Production Systems
W.A. Phillips, G.W. Horn, B.K. Northup, and W.S. Damron

Looking Forward: Adding the Buffalo Commons to the Grasslands Mix
Deborah E. Popper and Frank J. Popper

Case Histories of Grass-Fed Market Development in the Upper Midwest
Laura K. Paine

Managing Forage and Grazing Lands for Multiple Ecosystem Services
Matt A. Sanderson, Sarah C. Goslee, Kathy J. Soder, R. Howard Skinner, and Paul R. Adler

Grassland Environments: Factors Driving Change
Vivien G. Allen, Tom Sell, Rick L. Kellison, Phillip N. Johnson, Philip Brown, and Will Cradduck

Cattle and Trees Don’t Mix!?!: Competing Agri-Environmental Paradigms and Silvopasture Agroforestry in the Missouri Ozarks (Free Access)
J. Gordon Arbuckle Jr.

Farming System Changes in the Prairie Grassland Ecoregions of Canada, 1991 to 2006 (Free Access)
T. Huffman and B. Saha

Managing Grassland Ecosystems under Global Environmental Change: Developing Strategies to Meet Challenges and Opportunities of Global Change
Dennis J. Ojima and Robert W. Corell

Development of a Healthy Farm Index to Assess Ecological, Economic, and Social Function on Organic and Sustainable Farms in Nebraska’s Four Agroecoregions (Free Access)
John E. Quinn, James R. Brandle, and Ron J. Johnson

Multifunctional Grass Farming: Science and Policy Considerations
George Boody, Prasanna Gowda, John Westra, Caroline van Schaik, Patrick Welle, Bruce Vondracek, and Dennis Johnson

Outcomes of Phosphorus-Based Nutrient Management in the Eucha-Spavinaw Watershed (Free Access)
Andrew Sharpley, Sheri Herron, Charles West, and Tommy Daniel

Sustainability in the Global Perspective: Policy Directions for a Resilient and Conservation-Based Agriculture
Jim French

Expanding Horizons of Farming with Grass
Jean L. Steiner, Alan J. Franzluebbers, and Constance L. Neely

Appendix. Poster Presentations

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