USDA Payroll Deduction for SWCS Membership

All USDA employees can pay their SWCS dues in 26 installments through the USDA payroll deduction service. The amount to be deducted from your payroll check will include your membership dues as indicated on the “Membership Form.” When filling out the form, please check the box that indicates you would like to participate in the payroll deduction program (found under "Additional Options"). Employees will need to fill out USDA form AD-1054.  Please complete the Membership Form and section “A” of the AD-1054 form and return all of the information to SWCS.

The payroll deduction process takes longer to process than direct payments. With this process it may take up to three months to activate your membership.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Membership Services at (515) 289-2331 ext. 118 or email 

USDA form AD-1054
Membership Form