Conference attendees viewing posters on display at previous IDS conference

A PDF of the poster presentations is available here.

Climate Resilience and Drainage

  1. Quantifying the Relationship between Tile Drainage and Carbon Storage in Grass Seed Cropping Systems

Drainage System Design, Installation, and/or Performance

  1. Impact of Tile Drain Depth and Spacing on Nutrient Losses and Crop Production
  2. Investigating the Suitability of Geotextile Envelopes as an Alternative to Stone Aggregate in Clay Textured Soils in Ireland

Drainage Tools and Modeling

  1. Mapping Depth-Specific Soil Water Content via Electromagnetic Induction Method
  2. Optimum N-Rates for Corn in Iowa and Illinois over the Last Two Decades

Edge-Of-Field and Other Conservation Drainage Practices For Water Quality

  1. Comparison of Nitrogen Export Before and After Implementing a Constructed Wetland at the Catchment Outlet
  2. Quantifying the Effectiveness of a Saturated Buffer to Reduce Tile NO3-N Concentrations in Eastern Iowa
  3. The Internet of Bioreactors: Real-Time Nitrate Sensors at Denitrifying Bioreactors
  4. Vegetated Agricultural Drainage Ditches (Vadds) for Agricultural Runoff Mitigation: Two Decades of USDA-ARS Research

Water Quality and Drainage

  1. Antibiotic Resistance in Agricultural Drainage: Five Years of Monitoring
  2. Assessment of Phosphorus Loads from Tile Drainage in the Jewett Brook Watershed of St. Albans Bay, Vermont
  3. Examining the Effects of Controlled Drainage on Nutrient Load in the Western Lake Erie Basin
  4. Impacts of Controlled Drainage on Hydrology and Water Quality across Varying Tile Drain Depths and Spacings
  5. Land Management for Improved Yields, Environmental Resilience, and Sustainability
  6. Nitrate Leaching and Nitrous Oxide and Ammonia Emissions in Southwestern Minnesota Corn Fields during a Drought
  7. Reducing Phosphorus Export through Farmed Pothole Surface Inlets with Phosphorus Filters and Blind Inlets
  8. Seepage-Corrected Nitrogen Loss Reduction Assessment for the Practice of Controlled Drainage in Illinois
  9. Water Storage, Mixing, and Fluxes in Tile-Drained Agricultural Fields Inferred from Stable Water Isotopes