February 14, 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (US Central)

The North Central Region Water Network has "The Current Webinar" coming up this Wednesday (2/14) at 2:00 PM.  This’s month topic will be Manure, Water, and Soil Health.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 2-3pm CST: Manure, Water and Soil Health 

This webinar will review reports recently developed by the Soil Health Nexus team summarizing outputs and drawing conclusions from soil health research and existing soil health databases.  Discussion will also focus on the resources in place through the Soil Health Nexus and what resources and tools the team is working on developing in the coming year.

  • Amy Schmidt, Assistant Professor and Livestock Bioenvironmental Engineer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Linda Schott, PhD candidate in Biological Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Short- and Long-term Effects of Manure and Biosolids on Soil Quality
  • Teng Teeh Lim, Associate Professor of the University of Missouri Extension: Can Manure Affect Soil Health?
  • Steven Safferman, Associate Professor in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University: Fate of Winter Applied Nutrients
  • Leslie Johnson, Research Technologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Next Steps for the North Central Soil Health Teams\

Register at: http://northcentralwater.org/the-current/

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