March 8, 2024

Daniel Kesselring ( )
St. Johns, Michigan

Sustainable Intensification of the Rural Landscape: Protecting Soil Health, Water Quality and Farm Profitability

Rural landscapes are complex environmental systems integrating crop, pasture, forest, and other land uses, including riparian zones, all supported by soil and its complex physical, chemical, and biological components. Soil management includes: crop rotations, nutrient cycling, balancing pests and pathogens, and other interactions. Many producers seek to redesign their cropping systems guided by agroecological principles whereby soil health and ecological services accumulate in mutually supportive ways. They are actively involved in devising, testing, and evaluating new and innovative practices on their farms to enhance biodiversity and beneficial interactions while improving resilience and mitigating risk. Attendees at this Seminar will discover practical and sustainable ways to manage rural landscapes.

Early Bird Deadline: March 1, 2024


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