June 22, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (US Central)

Virtual Event

Conservation Matters: The Role of Climate-Smart Agriculture in Conservation
Sponsored by SWCS Science and Policy Committee

Presenters: Dennis Todey, USDA Midwest Climate Hub; Dana Ashford-Kornburger, USDA NRCS; Andy Manale, US Environmental Protection Agency (retired)

Climate-smart agriculture has come to the forefront as an approach to simultaneously increase agricultural productivity, while enhancing resilience to climate impacts and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. This concept integrates well-known conservation strategies such as cover cropping, agroforestry, nutrient management, and conservation tillage. Climate-smart agriculture has gained attention recently through legislation and increased funding directed at tackling this complex issue. Yet conservationists and researchers may be asking – what do I need to do to make my program “climate-smart”?  Implementing a climate-smart initiative requires addressing the agroecosystem in a holistic way to incorporate technology and delineate solutions to productivity, profitability, and environment – all while remaining within the lens of climate resilience and adaptation. In this webinar, presented by the SWCS Science and Policy Committee, we will explore the multidimensional aspects of climate-smart agriculture. Experts in diverse fields will share their ideas on where climate-smart agriculture is going and how conservationists and researchers can integrate this perspective into their current work.


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