January 26, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (US Central)

In December of 2020, AFT published "A Guide to Water Quality, Climate, Social, and Economic Outcomes Estimation Tools: Quantifying Outcomes to Accelerate Farm Conservation Practice Adoption." The guide features 14 outcomes estimation tools and two methods, which can be used by farm conservation project managers without requiring professional computer modeling experience.

During the webinar, we'll:

· Present tips on how farm conservation project managers can use the Guide to identify a tool or a method that might work for them

· Compare and contrast tools that are suited for field versus project evaluation and tools that offer site-specific versus generalized estimates

· Review recommendations that will foster further refinement of the existing tools and methods and better support project managers

Who should attend: Anyone in the farm conservation community (producers and landowners, farm and environmental groups, agricultural retailers and crop consultants, government representatives at federal, state, and local levels, academics, supply chain sustainability leaders, environmental market developers, and many others such as research and charitable foundations).


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