May 16, 2024

Michelle Pressel ( )
Sandusky Library; 114 W Adams St, Sandusky, OH 44870

The Sandusky Bay Initiative (SBI) is an ambitious multi-agency effort launched in 2016 that developed a portfolio of projects designed to enhance the quality of life and sustain the economic benefits of a clean Sandusky Bay, which has been transformed from a thriving matrix of wetlands to a highly turbid algal-dominated, open water system. Through extensive research and modeling 12 tier-1 projects were designed that focus on 1) reducing sediment resuspension through shoreline and wave energy reduction 2) enhancing nutrient assimilation and processing and 3) creating wetlands, SAV and emergent wetland habitats for fish and wildlife. As of January 2024, 1 project has been completed, and 3 more are funded and in various stages of completion.

The presentation will consist of three parts:

  1. Background/history of Sandusky Bay and the environmental issues it faces today
  2. Summary of the SBI and its goals
  3. Updates on completed and upcoming projects.

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Hosted by ELP Participants: Katelyn Beckemeyer and Michelle Pressel

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