September 15, 2023, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (US Eastern)

Daniel Kesselring ( )
Polkton Township Hall, 6900 Arthur Drive West, Coopersville, MI

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Manure digesters are becoming an important part of Michigan's diverse portfolio of renewable energy production. These systems are providing farmers with opportunities for additional revenue streams through harvesting biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of their farm's animal manure. However, these systems are complex, have multiple design options, and frequently include the potential for additional treatment options. When designed and operated correctly, anaerobic digesters produce bio-gas that is collected, cleaned, and sold as Renewable Natural Gas. As a bonus, the treatment process can significantly reduce manure bacteria levels, improve the availability of manure nutrients, and reduce manure odors. 

Workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of anaerobic digestion and tour a new anaerobic digester that is designed to treat manure from three large dairy farms and generate renewable energy from manure. 

There is no fee for this Workshop, but registration is needed for planning.


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