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Relationship with the Land: Hugh Hammond Bennett, Aldo Leopold, and the Future of the Conservation Land Ethic
Edited by Mark Anderson-Wilk
150 pages, softbound
ISBN 978-0-9769432-6-6

"Though we still live from the land, as we always have and always must, we now live with the land less than ever before." - Wendell Berry, "Living with the Land"

Cherish the work started by conservation fathers Aldo Leopold and Hugh Hammond Bennett, learn about the growth of the conservation ethic, and challenge yourself to consider future conservation implication. Relationship with the Land includes a collection of the most though-provoking articles that have appeared in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation in the last 60 years.

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Table of Contents


Part 1. Hugh Hammond Bennett and the Soil Conservation Movement

Weaver of Principles into a Science of Conservation for the Land
Phoebe Harrison

Ground Lost and Gained in 75 years of Conservation at Coon Creek
Joseph Hart

Big Hugh’s Message: One Man’s Task!
Wheeler McMillen

The Legacy of Hugh Hammond Bennett
Maurice G. Cook

Part 2. Aldo Leopold and the Land Ethic

Aldo Leopold and the Evolution of a Land Ethic
Susan Flader

The Farmer as Conservationist: Aldo Leopold on Agriculture
Curt Meine

The Leopold Legacy for Soil Conservation
Melville H. Cohee

Part 3. Development of Conservation Thought on Land Stewardship and Natural Resource Values

The Origins of Conservation Philosophy
Clarence J. Glacken

Conservation: A Social and Moral Problem
Carl C. Taylor

Relationship of Conservation Attitude to Science and Private Enterprise
Paul B. Sears

The Country Beautiful
Firman E. Bear

Conservation and the Inexorable Trend of Our Civilization
Paul A. Herbert

Public and Private Responsibilities and the Future of Conservation Programs
William Voigt Jr.

On Stewardship Ethics among Land Managers
James W. Giltmier

Achieving Public Values on Private Land
R. Neil Sampson

Putting “Ecosystem” into Natural Resource Management
Fred B. Samson and Fritz L. Knopf

Soil and Water Conservation Is Essential for Ecosystem Management
Tony Prato

Part 4. The Future of the Conservation Land Ethic

Leopold as Practical Moralist and Pragmatic Policy Analyst
Bryan G. Norton

Toward a New Land Ethic
Norm Berg

Of What Value Are Values in Resource Management?
Pete Nowak

Science and Stewardship in a Nonmonolithic Conservation Movement: Facilitating Positive Change
Mark Anderson-Wilk

Leopold’s Land Ethic, Ecosystem Health, and the Challenge of Affluenza
Y.S. Lo

Resource Ownership and Property Rights
Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Living with the Land
Wendell Berry