Cover of Conservation Policies for Sustainable Hillslope Farming

Conservation Policies for Sustainable Hillslope Farming
Edited by Sitanala Arsyad, Istiqlal Amien, Ted Sheng, and William Moldenhauer
364 pages, hardbound

“The purpose of this book is to give scientists, policymakers and conservation technicians examples of the formation of conservation policies, implications of legal and land tenure issues, and development of institutions required to ensure the sustainable use of hillslope land.”—Sitanala Arsyad (preface)

In many countries suffering from population pressures and food shortages, hillslope and other marginal land is being developed for production of food and profit. This book reviews the development of conservation policies and programs in these countries, especially in the Pacific Rim region. This book includes policy national and regional level policy considerations, field level policy considerations, the legislation and land tenure policy considerations, institutional considerations, and forest policy considerations.


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