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Advances in Nitrogen Management for Water Quality 
Edited by Jorge A. Delgado and Ronald F. Follett
2010 E-book

This book is the result of a collaborative effort between SWCS and the Soil Science Society of America. The authors of the 15 chapters review some of the newest advances in nitrogen management and explain how these advances can potentially reduce nitrogen losses to the environment.

Several management practices and principles presented in this book can be applied across continents and/or regions and show that nitrogen use efficiencies can be increased while maintaining agricultural production levels. This book covers a few of the new tools and concepts that can be used to evaluate nitrogen management practices and ultimately to increase nitrogen use efficiencies. It also covers practical applications of new concepts that can be used to improve conservation practices, such as precision conservation (also known as target conservation) in nitrogen management. Finally, this book covers recent advances that will contribute to improvements in nitrogen management for the conservation of water quality and our biosphere.

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Table of Contents

Shaun McKinney, Keith Admire, and Robert Wright

Chapter 1. Environmental and Human Impacts of Reactive Nitrogen (Free Access)
Jennifer R. Follett, Ronald F. Follett, and William C. Herz

Chapter 2. Water Management: A Key to Reducing Nitrogen Losses
E. John Sadler, Walter C. Bausch, Norman R. Fausey, and Richard B. Ferguson

Chapter 3. Nitrogen and Drainage Management to Reduce Nitrate Losses to Subsurface Drainage
Gyles W. Randall, Michael J. Goss, and Norman R. Fausey

Chapter 4. Integrated Nitrogen Management
Juan M. Herrera and Jorge A. Delgado

Chapter 5. Nitrogen Budgets for Agricultural Policy and Farm Management
Shabtai Bittman and Mary Lou Swift

Chapter 6. Organic Nitrogen Systems in the United States (Free Access)
Paul Reed Hepperly, Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A, and Jessica G. Davis

Chapter 7. Precision Farming for Nitrogen Management
Dan S. Long and Fran J. Pierce

Chapter 8. Nitrogen Sensors to Fine Tune the Nutrient Management Decision Making Process
James S. Schepers and William R. Raun

Chapter 9. Using Cover Crops and Cropping Systems for Nitrogen Management (Free Access)
Seth M. Dabney, Jorge A. Delgado, Jack J. Meisinger, Harry H. Schomberg, Mark A. Liebig, Tom Kaspar, Jeffrey Mitchell, and Wayne Reeves

Chapter 10. Use of Buffers to Reduce Sediment and Nitrogen Transport to Surface Water Bodies
Ali Fares, Mohammad Safeeq, Akitsu Kimoto, and Ahmet Dogan

Chapter 11. Evaluation of Best Nitrogen Management Practices Across Regions of Argentina and Spain
Raúl S. Lavado, José M. de Paz, Jorge A. Delgado, and Helena Rimski-Korsakov

Chapter 12. Nutrient Credit Trading—a Market-based Approach for Improving Water Quality
Harbans Lal

Chapter 13. Simulation Processes for the Nitrogen Loss and Environmental Assessment Package (Free Access)
Marvin J. Shaffer, Jorge A. Delgado, Christoph M. Gross, Ronald F. Follett,and Paul Gagliardi

Chapter 14. New Tools to Assess Nitrogen Management for Conservation of Our Biosphere (Free Access)
Jorge A. Delgado, Paul Gagliardi, Marvin J. Shaffer, Harris Cover, Eric Hesketh, James C. Ascough, and Brandon M. Daniel

Chapter 15. A Tiered Approach to Nitrogen Management: A USDA Perspective (Free Access)
Christoph M. Gross, Jorge A. Delgado, Marvin J. Shaffer, Douglas Gasseling, Theodis Bunch, and Robert Fry

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