The Honor Award recognizes people, usually nonmembers of the Society or lay members of the Society, for outstanding accomplishments compatible with the mission of the Society.


Application and supporting documents are due by March 29, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Nomination Form

The nomination form is to be filled out and submitted electronically. All supporting materials are to be uploaded in the online application.


  • SWCS members and nonmembers are eligible.
  • A nominee's outstanding accomplishments must be widely recognized by leaders in soil and water conservation and/or related fields.
  • The nominee's influence or position should have materially stimulated interest in, and advancement of, the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources through one or more of the following fields: author, speaker, educator, administrator, industry, business, banking, soil conservation district, profession (lawyer, doctor, minister, etc.), and nonpartisan political activity.
  • The nominee's activity shall have been of a voluntary nature and not part of his or her normal working duties.
  • The nominee's political activities can in no way be construed to reflect a partisan attitude on the part of SWCS.

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominations shall be made by submitting the nomination questionnaire and any information requested on the questionnaire.
  • Nominations may be made on behalf of SWCS chapters only.
  • The nomination questionnaire and any additional supporting materials should include details on the extent and scope of the nominee's contributions, on any assistance the nominee has given the parent Society or a chapter, how the nominee's professional role relates to his or her conservation activities, and other pertinent information. Omit reference to family, church, military, political, or social activities unless they relate specifically to the nominee's conservation activities.


  • The Awards Committee will evaluate and rank nominations. Recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. No more than 10 Honor Awards will be presented annually.


Contact 1.515.289.2331 ext. 112 or email