The Harold and Kay Scholl Excellence in Conservation Award recognizes individuals who provide technical assistance and demonstrate effectiveness and creativity in conservation planning and plan application. Recipients of the award will be recognized at the Soil and Water Conservation Society's International Annual Conference with a plaque and a one-time cash award. The number and value of awards will depend on the annual income from the Scholl fund.


Application and supporting documents are due by March 29, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Nomination Form

The nomination form is to be filled out and submitted electronically. All supporting materials are to be uploaded in the online application.


  • Nominee must be engaged or have been engaged previously in employment for which the principle responsibility is personally providing direct technical assistance to landowners, communities, or units of government.
  • The award may be given to SWCS members or nonmembers.
  • No elected officer of SWCS or board member shall be eligible for the award while holding office.
  • No SWCS employee and immediate family members of the Awards Committee shall be eligible for the award.
  • Recipients of other SWCS awards and/or scholarships are eligible for this award.


  • Demonstrated effectiveness and creativity in conservation planning and technical assistance.
  • Demonstrated dedication to serving landowners, communities, and units of government through direct and personal delivery of conservation assistance.
  • Length of work.
  • Results of work or assistance – provide before and after results:
    • Changes in soil quality
    • Changes in water quality
    • Changes in land use conversions to non agricultural use
    • Changes in wildlife populations
    • Changes in esthetic values
    • Changes in community economics as a result of services
    • Changes in community attitude
    • Other
  • Results achieved through voluntary efforts of land users versus regulations.
  • Impact on co-workers as a result of teaching and/or training others, while providing services.

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominations shall be made by submitting the nomination questionnaire and any information requested in the nomination questionnaire.
  • Nominations will be accepted from individuals, governmental, and non-governmental organizations and agencies, and other appropriate sources. 
  • Nominations must be submitted to the local SWCS chapter for review. Each Chapter may submit up to two nominations to the SWCS Awards Committee annually.
  • A supplemental narrative as a supporting document may be beneficial to address the above specific criteria.


  • Selection shall be made on the basis of demonstrated leadership, creativity, and dedication in delivering technical assistance to landowners, communities, or units of government at the local level that results in conservation of natural resources being applied to private lands or communities.


Contact 1.515.289.2331 ext. 112 or email