Iowa Chapter tour photoSWCS is a community of conservation professionals from a range of academic disciplines and many different public, private, and nonprofit institutions around the world. As a grassroots organization, SWCS depends on members at the local level to inform the community and inspire important conservation projects and partnerships. Strong chapters and involved, dedicated members ensure a future for SWCS and our natural resources.

Use the resources below the recruit and retain passionate chapter members.

Membership Materials

Recruitment Tools

Use the following flyers and graphics to recruit new members to SWCS. They’re broken into four categories to better target the interests of potential members. Print the flyers and distribute at your next event, or attach in a recruitment email blast. Add the graphics to your website, social media, and event presentations. You can use the text provided on these materials as talking points when discussing SWCS member benefits.

Learn more about how to implement these resources by watching the Chapter Leadership Training on Member Recruitment.

Infographic illustrating benefits of becoming a member of SWCS

Recruitment flyers and materials:

Member Retention

National SWCS provides recruitment and marketing materials to chapter leaders upon request. Please contact to request chapter member lists.