Why Build a Chapter Website?

Maintaining a chapter website is one of the best ways to attract, retain, and inform members. By developing a website, your chapter can:

  • Allow easy access to information concerning upcoming events, workshops, and meetings for your members
  • Make your chapter more visible to both members and nonmembers
  • Post chapter newsletters, photos, and accomplishments
  • Provide links to important resources for your members
  • And much more!  View the Iowa Chapter and the Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter websites for ideas.

Resources for Designing Chapter Websites

When planning the design and navigation of your chapter website, please review and utilize the following materials.

To help you make the most of promoting SWCS and to ensure a consistent look, feel, and tone for all promotional and informative materials, please use the following brand guidelines. The SWCS brand reflects the professionalism, innovation, and leadership spirit of the Society. By upholding these guidelines, you are upholding the promise of our important organization.

When designing your website, please use the logos and imagery files provided below. To request high quality images, contact publications, pubs@swcs.org.

For further information, please contact our Director of Publications at pubs@swcs.org.