The Conservation Research Award is conferred on Society members or teams of members whose research has led to exceptional improvements in soil conservation, water conservation, and/or related natural resources research. This award is given for research excellence first and foremost.


  • Application and supporting documents are due by April 24, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Nomination Form:

  • The nomination form is to be filled out and submitted electronically. All supporting materials are to be uploaded in the online application.


  • Only SWCS members with at least 3 continuous years of membership are eligible.
  • Nominees should be widely recognized outside of SWCS and their state or province for their research excellence in conservation.
  • The Conservation Research Award will not be awarded to recognize longevity of research career.

Nomination Procedure:

  • Nominations shall be made by completing and submitting the questionnaire.
  • Each nominator may submit no more than one individual for this award.
  • A nomination narrative is required for this nomination. Nomination narrative should include:
    • Documentation of an individual's or team’s professional research achievements in narrative form, including significant publications or products using significant research papers, presentations at professional meetings, and other information, detailing the specific contributions.
    • Length and continuity of SWCS membership.
    • Awards received from SWCS or other organizations.
    • Nominee's professional curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Supporting materials are to be uploaded in the application.


  • The SWCS Awards Committee will evaluate and rank nominations. Recommendations will be presented to the SWCS Board of Directors for final approval. No more than four awards will be presented annually.


Contact or 515.289.2331 ext. 112.