The Conservation Innovation Award is given in recognition of an outstanding activity, product, or service by a group, business firm, corporation, or organization that promotes the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources.


  • Application and supporting documents are due by April 24, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Nomination Form:

  • The nomination form is to be filled out and submitted electronically. All supporting materials are to be uploaded in the online application.


  • Eligible organizations include SWCS corporate partners, press, radio, movies, television, industries, corporations, churches, societies, foundations, civic clubs, scout groups, and other organizations, public or private, that have carried out a noteworthy conservation activity. SWCS chapter activities are not eligible in this category.
  • The effort should be in line with the SWCS mission and shall have clearly contributed to bringing about better conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources and/or better understanding of natural resource conservation issues.
  • The effort should be the result of an organized program and may include the activity of an agency or government.
  • The effort shall have an effect over a large area, at least a large part of a state or province, or parts of several states or provinces.
  • The selection of the organization should not bring discredit to similar or competing organizations.

Nomination Procedure:

  • Nominations shall be made by completing and submitting the questionnaire.
  • Each nominator may submit no more than one group, business firm, corporation, or organization for this award.
  • Applications should include details on the geographic extent and scope of the nominee's contribution, the audience to which the contribution was targeted, and details on how the nominee's contribution improved the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources and/or improved the understanding of natural resource conservation issues.
  • Supporting materials are not required for this award.


  • The SWCS Awards Committee will evaluate and rank nominations. Recommendations will be presented to the SWCS Board of Directors for final approval. No more than two awards will be presented annually.


Contact or 515.289.2331 ext. 112.