This overview serves as an outline of what to expect in the 2025 Emerging Leaders Program. We will be tailoring the program to best suit the needs of our participants, including webinar dates and content. This curriculum is subject to change to meet these needs. There will be additional, optional networking and professional development opportunities. The times listed are estimates only.

Pre Program

Early September 2024

  • Provide initial data and feedback through a questionnaire (15 minutes)
  • Receive tools to serve as an SWCS leader, including press release templates, SWCS organizational information, program outline, and other resources.
Module 1: You as a Leader

Late September 2024

  • Program Kickoff Webinar (2 hours)
    • Define what leadership means to you
    • Leading yourself
    • Addressing your barriers to leadership and growing confidence
  • Determine your leadership style and outline your goals by creating a leadership vision (15 minutes)

Early October 2024

  • (optional) Virtual Networking Session - Meet other program participants through an informal session (1 hour)

Late October 2024

  • Time Management Webinar (1 hour)
    • Learn skills to manage and prioritize your workflow
Module 2: Leading Others

November 2024

  • Leading Others Webinar (2 hours)
    • Working with different personality types and with those outside your demographics and generation
    • Persuasion, selling conservation, and the importance of story-telling
    • Serving the historically underserved

Early December 2024

  • Effective Communication Webinar (1 hour)
    • Public speaking and presentation skills
    • Media toolkit (social media, branding)
Module 3: Community Building

January 2025

  • Community Building/Events Planning Webinar (2 hours)
    • Understanding the value of social capital
    • Partnership development – connect with SWCS industry professionals
    • Receive an activity planning toolkit

February 2025

  • (optional) Virtual Work Session with staff (1 hour)

March 2025

  • (optional) Virtual Networking Session (1 hour)

April 2025

  • (optional) Virtual Work Session with staff (1 hour)
Module 4: Knowledge into Action

March - June 2025

  • Complete a conservation activity or event (time varies)
    • Submit a form with your plans so SWCS can help market your activities and connect you with potential partners (10 minutes)
    • Complete a recap form to provide headquarters with impact details (15 minutes)

Activity Examples:

  • An event such as a workshop, field day, workplace tour, networking event, cleanup, or roundtable, that promotes conservation
  • A public speaking opportunity at an event or directly with producers/landowners
  • A partnership between an outside organization to accomplish a shared conservation goal
  • An outreach project to promote a conservation effort, practice, policy, or program
  • A team-building activity with your colleagues or other partners

June 2025

  • Program Wrap Up Webinar (1 hour)
    • Reflect on your experiences in the program
    • Revisit and update your leadership visions from Module 1
    • Learn about opportunities to stay engaged and involved with SWCS

August 2025

  • (optional) Attend the 80th SWCS International Annual Conference (4-day event)
    • Participate in ELP-specific and/or exclusive sessions
    • Opportunities to present at sessions
    • Networking events
    • Recognition and professional visibility for participants
Program Follow Up

August 2025

  • Submit a final report (15 minutes)
    • Reflect on the program and provide feedback

2025 program release waiver.