Conference attendees viewing posters on display at previous IDS conference

A PDF of the poster presentations is available here.

Poster tracks are subject to change.

Climate Resilience and Drainage

  • Quantifying the Relationship between Tile Drainage and Carbon Storage in Grass Seed Cropping Systems
  • Understanding Hydrogeological Processes to Improve Drainage Capacity

Drainage System Design, Installation, and/or Performance

  • Impact of Tile Drain Depth and Spacing on Nutrient Losses and Crop Production
  • Investigating the Suitability of Geotextile Envelopes as an Alternative to Stone Aggregate in Clay Textured Soils in Ireland

Drainage Tools and Modeling

  • Mapping Depth-Specific Soil Water Content via Electromagnetic Induction Method
  • Optimum N-Rates for Corn in Iowa and Illinois over the Last Two Decades

Edge-Of-Field and Other Conservation Drainage Practices For Water Quality

  • Comparison of Nitrogen Export Before and After Implementing a Constructed Wetland at the Catchment Outlet
  • Quantifying the Effectiveness of a Saturated Buffer to Reduce Tile NO3-N Concentrations in Eastern Iowa
  • The Internet of Bioreactors: Real-Time Nitrate Sensors at Denitrifying Bioreactors
  • Vegetated Agricultural Drainage Ditches (Vadds) for Agricultural Runoff Mitigation:  Two Decades of USDA-ARS Research

Water Quality and Drainage

  • Antibiotic Resistance in Agricultural Drainage: 5-Years of Monitoring
  • Assessment of Phosphorus Loads from Tile Drainage in the Jewett Brook Watershed of St. Albans Bay, Vermont
  • Examining the Effects of Controlled Drainage on Nutrient Load in the Western Lake Erie Basin
  • Impacts of Controlled Drainage on Hydrology and Water Quality across Varying Tile Drain Depths and Spacings 
  • Land Management for Improved Yields, Environmental Resilience, and Sustainability
  • Nitrate Leaching and Nitrous Oxide and Ammonia Emissions in Southwestern Minnesota Corn Fields during a Drought 
  • Reducing Phosphorus Export through Farmed Pothole Surface Inlets with P Filters and Blind Inlets
  • Seepage-Corrected N Loss Reduction Assessment for the Practice of Controlled Drainage in Illinois
  • Water Storage, Mixing, and Fluxes in Tile-Drained Agricultural Fields Inferred from Stable Water Isotopes 
  • Associations between Crop ET and Water Quality in an Irrigated Watershed