A PDF of the draft agenda-at-a-glance is available.

Monday, July 27

9:00 AM CT    *Workshop 1: Training to Use Partial Budget Analysis to Estimate Soil Health Economic Outcomes and Data Collection Methods for NTT and COMET Tools
9:00 AM CT    *Workshop 2: Watershed Tools at Your Fingertips
9:00 AM CT    Professional and Chapter Development Sessions
9:00 AM CT    ARCSE Lunch and Annual Business Meeting (Partner Event)
9:00 AM CT    CEAP Watershed Assessment Studies Annual Meeting (Partner Event)
11:00 AM CT  *Workshop 3: WiNning Strategies for Navigating USAJobs and Building Resumes
1:00 PM CT    State of Society Address to the House of Delegates (For Chapter Leaders and Members)
1:00 PM CT    WIN Annual Meeting (Partner Event)
2:30 PM CT    Agriculture Innovation Agenda Panel
4:00 PM CT    Virtual Social and Activity

Tuesday, July 28

9:00 AM CT    SWCS Conference Opening, Syngenta Keynote Sponsor, and Pritchard Keynote Panel
10:45 AM CT  Morning Break
11:00 AM CT  Concurrent Sessions
12:30 PM CT  Lunch Break
1:00 PM CT    Concurrent Sessions
2:30 PM CT    Afternoon Break
3:00 PM CT    Concurrent Sessions
4:30 PM CT    Evening Social

Wednesday, July 29

8:00 AM CT     Morning Social
9:00 AM CT     Plenary Sessions
10:45 AM CT   Morning Break
11:00 AM CT   Concurrent Sessions
12:30 PM CT   Lunch Break
1:00 PM CT     Concurrent Sessions
2:30 PM CT     Afternoon Break
3:00 PM CT     Concurrent Sessions

All sessions are included with conference registration, unless otherwise indicated.

*Not included in conference registration. Additional cost required to attend.