Conservation Professional Services 

As the professional association for conservationists, SWCS offers conservation professional services to its members, chapters, and partners. Contact SWCS at to discuss your needs, costs, and funding partnership opportunities.

Some services included:

Meeting Facilitation

Make the most of your next meeting. SWCS can assist in keeping people on topic; listening carefully to what everyone is saying so no-one's points get lost; suggesting techniques for creative problem-solving; and supporting the group to address a conflict if it arises.

Conference Planning and Event Enhancements 

Bring something special to your next conference. SWCS offers packages to enhance the experience for your attendees through interactive booths, topic themed trivia, engaging presentations, and more. SWCS can also assist in organizing your next conference.

View the SWCS Event Planning Services.

Communication Services 

Tell your conservation story with assistance from SWCS. SWCS offers video, written, and graphic productions for your organization.

Archiving Services 

An organization’s records can span decades and even generations. Knowledge of your company’s past is an asset, but keeping all types of records, no matter the significance, will soon leave you drowning in a sea of old paperwork that never stops rising.

Let us help you manage your records by building an archive unique to your organization’s needs. An effective archiving plan keeps records efficiently stored, logically organized, and easily accessible. Not all records are needed every day, or even every year. Some may not be needed at all. We have a trained historian on staff who will work with you to ensure your organization’s record-keeping needs are met.

What We Do 
  • Assess your collection and filing system
  • Consolidate records into a central location and system
  • Eliminate duplicate and irrelevant materials
  • Build an archive based on your organization’s needs
  • Digitization services available
Why archive?
  • Efficient use of space
  • Eliminate the troublesome “catch all” record-keeping policy

The Soil and Water Conservation Society's archival staff is courteous, professional, and places great value on historical and archival documents. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to know more about their organization's history. | Melissa Miller, Associate Director, Iowa Water Center

Make your history an asset!

For more information, call the Soil and Water Conservation Society at 515-289-1082, Ext. 121, or email