Vice-Chair and Northeast Region Director

Wendi Goldsmith

Wendi Goldsmith has been a recognized leader involved in research, policy, and design related to vegetation for engineering and environmental stewardship projects. She works to build relationships, to attract new young, urban, and diverse members, and to coordinate SWCS activities in connection with recent federal policy for climate change preparedness and sustainability. She founded Bioengineering Group in 1992 (sold in 2014), and also founded Center for Urban Watershed Resilience ( in 1999, both to support projects and communities seeking living and ecologically integrated solutions.

Soil management has gained importance in urban areas and wherever climate change is a concern. Wendi’s career has focused on promoting awareness, acceptance, and practice of bioengineering techniques and green infrastructure solutions for stormwater, river, and coastal management. Her goal is to foster greater interaction between SWCS and other societies oriented towards the built environment to promote wider practice of soil stewardship for flood reduction, carbon sequestration, and living bank/shoreline measures. SWCS members have much to offer as we solve today's problems for climate adaptation and resilience.