Treasurer and Northwest Region Director

Don Wysocki

Don Wysocki is an Extension soil scientist with Oregon State University at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center.

SWCS as a body of scientists, managers, decision makers, and involved individuals is a uniquely situated organization. Don is focused on the changes that are going on daily. Energy, water quality, air quality, watershed health, waste management, food safety, endangered species, and soil erosion are a widening list of issues. How are we as a society adjusting to change?

There is intensifying competition and demand for resources and environmental benefits. At the same time, few people have direct connection with the land and fewer have experience managing natural resources. Yet the public has a greater interest and concern in how natural resources are managed and sustained. SWCS is challenged to educate everyone on the importance of healthy land and clean water. However, its role doesn’t stop there. Don believes SWCS members must be leaders when and where decisions on resource management are made. SWCS has the opportunity and responsibility of balancing the needs of people, land, water, and other resources.