Outlined in this framework are the outputs and outcomes we strive to achieve to make an impact in conservation through the conservation professionals we serve, represent, and foster. It directs our efforts toward projects with the most significant impact, drawing from our past successes, lessons learned, and the ever-changing landscape of the conservation industry.

Throughout this framework, you will see a common trend: community. The growing community of professionals, partners, and stakeholders will drive the conservation movement forward throughout the next three years and beyond. Our community is united with the common goal of ensuring the future vibrancy and productivity of our world’s natural resources. Our community is composed of informed, dynamic individuals whose contributions create a bright future for agriculture, the environment, and society. Our community is supported and equipped with the tools needed to make a difference. This framework is our blueprint to cultivate and advance the growing conservation community over the next three years. Join us in a passionate pursuit of a more sustainable future for all communities.

Here are some things you can do to help push these goals forward: