Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves a two year term as voting member of the Executive Council.
  • Attends chapter and Executive Council meetings and the Annual Meeting of the Chapter.
  • At the direction of the President, sends advance notice of Executive Council meetings to those individuals.
  • Prepares minutes of all meetings and send to Executive Council.
  • Gives report  on or reads minutes of previous Chapter meetings.  Prepares financial report prior to all Chapter meetings.
  • Works with Executive Council to develop the annual Chapter plan and a budget plan that sets target maximum levels for “big ticket” items such as: Travel to meetings, workshops, display equipment and large contributions.
  • Maintains an orderly file of all Chapter meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records and other related information for the Executive Council.
  • Writes letters of correspondence as directed by the Chapter President and/or Executive Council.
  • Receive membership dues and other monies collected by the Chapter.  Deposit funds in specified bank/savings accounts or Mutual fund accounts as directed by the Executive Council.
  • Maintains detailed income and expense records for the Chapter.
  • Pays Chapter bills in accordance with the policy of the Executive Council.
  • Arrange for an audit of financial accounts and records in accordance with Chapter By-laws or as otherwise directed by the Executive Council.
  • Provides a copy of all minutes, annual financial reports, letters of significance or other pertinent information to the President at the end of his term for transmittal to the History and Archives Committee.
  • Investments

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