Committee Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare and regularly publish the chapter newsletter.
  • To keep the membership informed of Chapter activities and events.
  • To advance Chapter communications.

Committee Responsibilities and Work Schedule

  • Chairperson (Newsletter Editor) hold Committee Meetings and/or use other communication means each year to plan and coordinate publication of Chapter newsletters.
  • Secure a photo of the Chapter President (and other Council members as directed) for newsletter publication purposes.
  • Consult with the Chapter President in the development of a Newsletter Information Calendar for the Year. Identify and schedule the following:
    • Specific topics, reports and/or announcements to be covered in each newsletter issue
    • Deadline for submitting copy to the Newsletter Editor.
  • Distribute copies of the completed Newsletter Information Calendar to all members (news writers) identified as responsible for submitting new items to the editor. (i. e. Committee Chairpersons, Council members, etc.)
  • Call or send reminder notices to scheduled "news writers" approximately 15 days prior to the deadline for submitting copy to the Editor.
  • Prepare Chapter newsletters each year on a schedule determined by the Executive Council.
  • Type, proofread and assemble new items received in a neat orderly manner.  (Review and/or edit content and length of all copies received to assure balance and appropriate space for all items scheduled for publication. Insure that file and hard copy of the newsletters are kept for the History and Archives Committee and Newsletter Committee.
  • Seek Council approval for special newsletter projects that will expend Chapter funds beyond the Committee's normal budget.
  • Be alert to new printing and service opportunities offered by the parent Society for consideration by the committee and/or Council.
  • Review the newsletter mailing list on an annual basis to determine update needs.  (Consult with the Chapter President and/or Council on significant mailing list revision needs and proposals).
  • Prepare and present, as appropriate, Committee activity reports at quarterly scheduled Council meetings.
  • Forward all photos on hand and used in newsletter issues during the year to the History and Archives Committee for filing and record keeping purposes.
  • Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments at the Chapter Annual Business Meeting.

Committee Selection

  • The Chairperson is selected and appointed each year by the Chapter President.
  • Additional Committee members are selected and appointed by the Chapter President in consultation with the Council and Committee Chairperson.
  • All Committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.

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