Committee Goals and Objectives


  • To retain present Colorado Chapter and Society members.
  •  To implement promotional activities and publicity for the purpose of recruiting new members. 
  •  Promote all categories of membership offered by the Society.
  • Communicate the benefits of Chapter and Society membership.

Committee Responsibilities and Work Schedule

  • Chairperson holds Council meetings, as appropriate, each year to plan strategies and actions for Chapter membership promotions.
  • Request Council input in establishing annual overall and interim goals for each class of SWCS membership.  (Regular, Spouse, Industrial, life, etc.).
  • Review annually past and present Chapter membership lists to determine the following:
    • Delinquent members
    • Former members
    • Trends in membership
    • Job types and employers of members
  • Develop a prospective membership list for special Council membership drives in each Chapter Council area.
  • Implement, as determined by the Council, a mailing campaign of specialized promotional letters or materials to prospective members in specific professions.
  • Develop and/or utilize existing Chapter and parent Society brochures for use as promotional material in special mailings and personal contacts with prospective members.
  • Solicit member "volunteers" who are willing to make first time or follow-up person-to-person contacts with local prospective members. 
  •  Telephone or visit delinquent members to encourage renewal of his or her membership
  • Coordinate committee efforts by seeking Council approval for tasks and projects that require Chapter funds and/or a concerted effort by the membership.
  • Submit Council annual operating budget needs to the Chapter Executive council for consideration and approval by no later than February 1.

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