Committee Goals and Objectives

  • To recognize individuals, groups, organizations and business for outstanding service and contribution to conservation of natural resources.
  • To solicit nominations in all Chapter award categories.
  • To publicize the accomplishments of award recipients.

Committee Responsibilities and Work Schedule

Community Awards

  • Chair-person holds committee meetings and/or other communication means each year to plan and coordinate the Community Awards Program.
  • Develop and implement an action plan to promote award nominations and explain nominating procedures through the Chapter newsletter, at meetings, member contacts and other appropriate means determined by the Committee.
  • Solicit nominations in early July for all three awards the following award program categories:

Outstanding Farmer/Rancher -Eligible to landowners to recognize accomplishment in resource conservation. CASCD will send SWCS the entries they receive for their awards program.  Other nominations are acceptable.  Usually receive these in October.

Outstanding Youth in Conservation -Eligible to individuals, groups and organizations for recognized special achievements/service by youth under age 21. We alternate between FFA and 4-H. On even numbered years we contact the Colorado FFA Association and they provide us with the name of a deserving youth in the natural resource arena.  On odd numbered years, we contact CSU, for a 4-H recommendation

Outstanding Media Award -Eligible to all forms of news media either to media personnel or organizations for recognized service and contribution to resource conservation. SWCS publicize all three awards in the newsletter and request assistance from NRCS personnel by writing to the NRCS state office.

  • At the Committee's discretion can utilize award nomination forms.
  • Prepare and present, as appropriate, Committee activity reports at Council meetings.
  • Develop and submit at least one Chapter newsletter informing the membership of the award program.
  • The Committee Chair should select a panel of members to act as judges for awards nominations.
  • Establish a deadline for submitting award nominations to the Committee Chair.  (Suggested deadline -at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting).
  • Schedule a meeting with the selected panel of judges to evaluate award applications a select award recipients.  Notify the Chapter President of award recipients selected by the judges.
  • Order appropriate engraved plaques for award recipients for Committee information purposes.
  • Notify award recipients with congratulatory letters including an invitation to attend the annual meeting as a guest for the award presentation.  Send letter no later than 30 days prior to the Chapter annual meeting.  Send copies to the Chapter President
  • Maintain a record keeping list of annual ward recipients for Committee information purposes.
  • Prepare and present a final written report of Committee activities and accomplishments at the Chapter annual business meeting.

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