The Southeast Region has a bountiful array of topographic and land use variations. You can travel through scenic rolling Appalachians Mountains down to the habitat rich everglades, across vast southern commodity farms and into wild woods and managed forest. Then, wade across the river deltas and the Caribbean sands, just to begin to understand how the Southeast Region provides opportunities for conservation management in every field of study.

Challenges for the Southeast Region include both soil conservation and water quality concerns. Erosion in row crop fields have improved, but soil health still remains a challenge as farms are often leased for rent leading to less oversight of natural resource concerns than owners would provide. Other challenges impacting the Southeast Region: loss of productive farmland, increase in urban agriculture without adequate technical support for the movement, and an increase in unpredictable weather patterns, which has increased both flooding and drought. 

Soil and Water Conservation Society chapters across the Southeast Region provide meetings and professional development training to address and discuss current issues impacting their state. The chapters not only address water quality, soil health, and nutrient management, but they also press their cohorts to consider opportunities to communicate more effectively, provide professional and ethical service delivery, and work with nontraditional partners in relevant conservation efforts. Members of the Southeast Chapters understand the need to continue to expand our connectivity if we are going to impact both landowners’ conservation actions and local leaders who implement regional policies.


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