May 26, 2017

Sustainable Feedstocks Roadmap


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A workshop for the development of regional specific
roadmaps for sustainable feedstock production and delivery.

September 28-30, 2010 | Atlanta, GA 

Final Program
UPDATED 9-20-2010. Includes Abstracts

SWCS hosted this special workshop because of the obvious connection to sustainable natural resource management and a shared recognition among the organizing committee that feedstock supplies must be achieved in a sustainable manner that protects soil, water, and air resources, as well as producers, local communities, wildlife, and biodiversity and all other ecosystems services impacted by any land use change.

A key point established by the organizing committee was that this workshop should differentiate itself from the myriad of other biofuels conferences and workshops by having a very focused, outcome-based goal: Development of regional specific roadmaps for sustainable feedstock production and delivery.

"The core program will be a series of invited presentations that will provide a national perspective and regional strategies that recognize differences, benefits, challenges, and subtleties within and between regions of the United States. Each presentation will be the basis for a chapter in the post-workshop publication (roadmap)." ~ Workshop Planning Committee (January 2010)

The overall workshop goal was to identify real and/or perceived production barriers for all potential biofuel feedstock materials (i.e. perennial crops, cover crops, crop residues, municipal waste, woody species, etc.) prior to delivery at a processing facility in either a centralized or distributed production model. Recognizing the importance of connections between soil, water, air, plant, animal and human resources, well-conceived roadmaps are needed to guide feedstock harvest, storage and transport for the next 20 years.  

Questions about the workshop or the subsequent proceedings book can be directed to Doug Karlen (doug.karlen@ars.usda.gov) or Dewayne Johnson (dewayne.johnson@swcs.org).

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