March 29, 2017

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Michigan Chapter ANR Seminar

East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan Chapter ANR Seminar Preview

The Michigan Chapter of SWCS will hold its annual Ag and Natural Resources (ANR) Seminar on March 3, 2017 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing Michigan.
A Matter of Balance: Feeding our Crops, Protecting the Waters of the Great Lakes
Presentation Titles and Speakers include:
Instilling Health into Un-Healthy Soils: Dr. Newell Kitchen, ARS
Combating Nutrient Transport in Drainage Water Using Various Conservation Practices: Dr. Ehsan Ghane, MSU
Thinking Outside the Lake: How Can Management Benefit W. Lake Erie and its Tributaries: Dr. Scott Sowa, TNC
Finding Value in Conservation Targeting Using Precision Agriculture Technologies: Dr. Newell Kitchen, ARS
Using Tile Drainage Water and Detention Ponds to Supplement Overhead Irrigation: Mr. Bob Mantey, Tuscola Co
Right to Farm—An Opportunity, Not a ‘Right’: Mr. Wayne Whitman, MDARD
Registration will be from 8 to 9 am, lunch (included in registration fee) is at noon and a speaker panel and discussion begins at 3:25 pm with adjournment at 4:15 pm.

Program Description:
Nitrogen, phosphorus, livestock manure and other organic inputs are essential for soil health, crop growth and farm profitability, but nutrients that escape from the field are potential pollutants.  On-farm nutrient management and application technologies have greatly improved in recent years, yet water quality problems associated with excess nutrients and other contaminants persist in Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay and other waterways. 
Research results and on-farm observation has shown that runoff from water from rainfall and snowmelt is nutrient-rich.  Excessive rainfall can quickly enter subsurface drains by natural channels in the soil formed by plant roots, soil fauna, and other natural phenomena. Experience has shown that the changing climate will present even greater challenges from more frequent, higher intensity storms and increased runoff.
Conference speakers will include national experts and experienced crop producers who will explain how to capture crop nutrients and organic inputs in the root zone for crop use and soil health. Attendees will learn:
• How to identify and measure key indicators of soil health, and how tillage and cover crops affect soil health. 
• Practical management options for retaining drainage water for reuse and recycling crop nutrients for greater yields.
• How new designs and advances in bioreactors can help protect the quality of drainage water  that leaves the field. 
• How precision agriculture technologies can reduce nutrient loss, protect the environment and improve farm profitability. 
• Emerging issues of importance facing farmers and other landowners that can impact soil and  water quality. 
The conference was organized by the Michigan Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension. Registration is now open.

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