November 20, 2017

Cartoon Booklets

Cartoon Booklets
Soil and Water Conservation Society

The Soil and Water Conservation Society has produced numerous educational cartoon booklets on environmental themes. The comic books are geared for approximately 8- to 14-year-old children. Developed by a team of teachers and environmental experts, these booklets are easy to use and require little preparation time. Having already been enjoyed by over 25 million young people throughout North America, these booklets are a great source for many hands-on activities. In addition, they are multidisciplinary, with uses in language arts, social studies, math, health, and science classes.

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Range of Wonders
Range of Wonders Get a birds-eye view of grazing lands in this exciting hot-air balloon adventure. Discover what rangeland is and how it is managed for the benefit of people and wildlife.
Across Time and Space: Ecosystem Management
Across Time & Space Lisa, Anne, and Juan must learn about ecosystems in their city before they can solve problems in their own school yard. You help them decide what to do about a pigeon problem, and see how they approach the school board about an issue that could change their whole ecosystem.
Dracons Visit Earth: To Study Food and the Land
Dracons Discover the Earth Two characters from the planet Draco visit Earth to learn how food is produced and land is conserved. Ed Itor talks to a farmer, while Scoop explores in his own way.
Plants: Improving Our Environment
Plants EA Sylvia and George finish their school project with the help of a new, magic friend. They visit many places to learn the importance of plants and how they can be used to conserve soil and water.
Robots of Cave Alpha: Creating a Livable Land
Robots of Cave Alpha The Robots of Cave Alpha show Jason, Samantha, and Mac how best to make decisions about the environment.
The Story of Land: Its Use and Misuse Through the Centuries
The Story of Land Professor Wharton shows his class the history of land use and helps them understand the importance of land in their lives.
Water in Your Hands | Agua En Tus Manos (Spanish Version)
Water in Your Hands

Martin and Heidi take a wild ride with their new friend Fresh Water to learn about water pollution. They find out the importance of water in the lives of people, plants, and animals and learn how we fit into the hydrologic cycle.


Water in Your Hands-Spanish
Wetlands Activity Guide
Wetlands Activity Guide

This four-page guide explains what a wetland is, where to find one, and even what to wear when you visit. There are games, puzzles, outdoor activities, and experiments to uncover the secrets of wetlands.



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