November 20, 2017

Chapter Website Facts



There are two basic costs: setup and hosting.


Setup:                                     $150.00


Hosting for three months:           $150.00



  1. If a chapter signs and pays for a one-year agreement, the chapter will receive a $50.00 discount. 
  2. For multiple year agreements, the $50.00 discount would apply per year of the agreement. (No more than five-year agreements will be created because of changing technology.)

Services Included with Setup Cost

For the one-time setup cost, the chapter will receive (1) all content moved to the template Web site, (2) the programming of the content management software SiteViz that can be used by multiple chapter members from any location where there is Internet access, (3) a professionally designed Web site similar to the parent organization's site, (4) staff assistance to train one individual about how to use the SiteViz management software.


Services Included with Hosting Cost

The chapter, for $150.00 every three months, receives:

1.       100 MB of secure server space and 10 GB of data transfers

2.       The URL name: www.swcs.org/chapter_name ex. www.swcs.org/iowa

3.       Benefit of weekly submission of the SWCS Web site family to major search engines, critical to drive traffic to your site.


International SWCS Contribution to Chapter Website Creation or Conversion

SWCS’ international headquarters will be paying for the setup fee of $80.00 per chapter for using the content management software called SiteViz. SWCS headquarters staff is also offering to convert or build the initial site using SiteViz and will provide training at the start-up of the agreement.


Agreement Length

To minimize the administrative work, we ask that the agreement cover a span of at least three months. If you sign up for a year or longer, discounts will apply.


Agreement Termination

The agreement may be terminated at any time, in writing to the other party. No refunds for hosting services already paid will be made unless they are in excess of six months.



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