November 20, 2017

2014 Annual Conference




4 days on the state of conservation and its future! 

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From the Great Lakes to the coast, our use of the land impacts major bodies of water. Whether it be the large freshwater lakes of the United States and Canada, the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean; or the other lakes, seas, and oceans of the world, these terminal waters tell the story of what is happening upstream. At the 68th SWCS Annual Conference, we considered challenges and progress in nutrient management, erosion and sediment control, nonpoint source and watershed policy, and other issues influencing the health and productivity of our soils and large water bodies. Conservationists gathered to reflect upon decades of hard work and to acknowledge the progress of land managers, farmers, advisors, and scientists. 


2014 Pritchard Lecture:

Is Soil and Water Degradation Inevitable? Don’t Bet Your Life on it!
Richard Cruse, Iowa State University


International Waters: Protecting and Restoring Water Quality
Jamshed Merchant, Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis; Andrew Manale, EPA (retired); Howard Wheater, Global Institute for Water Security; Alex Echols, Ecosystem Services Exchange; Wayne Honeycutt, USDA-NRCS

Videos courtesy of SWCS Southwest Region Director Mike Collins.


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