March 29, 2017

2016 Annual Conference


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2016 Annual Conference

2016 Awards Luncheon

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 River Landscapes Photo Contest!
Ray Weil, Alabama River (left) and Kathy Raper, New Fork River (right)


71st SWCS International Annual Conference - Great River Landscapes

From the Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio rivers of Kentucky to the other great rivers of the world, human values and uses of these rivers and their landscapes impact the soil and water resources upon which civilization and natural environments depend. These rivers tell the story of agriculture, human civilization, and the complexity of natural-human systems. However, these landscapes are increasingly challenged by the risks and uncertainties associated with changing and variable climates; redistributed populations; increased demands for food, water, and energy security; and aging, fragmented
transportation infrastructure.

The 71st SWCS International Annual Conference will provide a forum for exploring and promoting science-based knowledge about management practices that protect land and river ecologies and make them productive and more resilient. The conference will offer unique opportunities to showcase conservation efforts in both the uplands and bottomlands of great rivers and their tributaries, including nutrient management, erosion and sediment control, nonpoint source pollution and watershed policy, flood and drought management, and other issues influencing the health and functionality of our soil and water. There is great need for continued strong partnerships among innovative scientists that propose and evaluate best practices, practitioners that adapt and monitor those practices to suit their own unique locales, and public and private organizations that invest in and advocate for the preservation of river ecology while using the water and soil resources to society’s benefit. This year’s conference will not only be a time to reflect on decades of achievements and advancement efforts, but an opportunity to explore the work not yet completed and search for solutions to current and emerging challenges.

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