October 23, 2017

Roles & Responsibilities

April 2014

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of SWCS Regional and At-Large Board Directors. All directors share a common and fundamental responsibility of governance for the Society as a whole.  In addition, Regional and At-Large Directors are asked to fulfill specific duties unique to their position.



All directors are expected to assist in the overall governance of the Society by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  1. Determine and advance the Society’s mission.
    1. Identify important soil, water, and related natural resource issues to be addressed by the Society and oversee the development and implementation of plans to address these issues.
    2. Enhance the Society's standing by promoting the Society's mission, goals, and accomplishments to the public.
    3. Assist in the identification and development of financial and staff resources to accomplish the Society’s goals.
    4. Identify and/or appoint candidates who can make significant contributions to the work of the Society as members of the Board of Directors, standing committees, task forces, and ad hoc committees.
    5. Fill any Regional Director vacancies until the next annual election.
  1. Select and oversee the activities of the Executive Director and the execution of the Society’s mission.
    1. Prepare and adopt a strategic plan for the Society.
    2. Prepare and approve an annual plan of work for the Society.
    3. Review the progress of the Society in reaching the goals and objectives established in the Society’s annual plan of work.
    4. Oversee and participate in the work of Society committees and task forces.
    5. Approve position papers and other major Society publications.
  1. Ensure the legal, financial, and ethical integrity of the Society and maintain accountability.
    1. Monitor Society finances, provide financial oversight, and ensure that proper financial controls are in place.
    2. Assist in developing an annual budget that is consistent with the annual plan of work.
    3. Provide leadership in fundraising activities.
    4. Work to identify and cultivate donors and sponsors for projects and activities of the Society.
    5. As a board member, join the President’s Club.
  1. Actively and effectively carry out the primary duties of a director.
    1. Actively participate in board meetings.
    2. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board meetings and teleconferences.
    3. Orient new board members.
    4. Assess board performance.


Regional Directors are asked to take on the following additional responsibilities to address needs specific to the region from which they were elected.

  1. Act as liaison among the Board of Directors, headquarters staff, regional teams, and chapters to facilitate Society, chapter, and member communication.
    1. Develop and maintain relationships with chapter officers, student chapter leadership, and corporate members in the region.
    2. Work with chapters to address regional priorities and strengthen chapters within the region.
    3. Promote the mission and goals of the Society to chapters and members within the region.
    4. Identify and nominate regional representatives to the following SWCS standing committees:
      1. Leadership Development Committee
      2. Professional Development Committee          
      3. Awards and Scholarship Committee
      4. Nominations Committee – during the region’s election year
      5. Science and Policy Committee
      6. Annual Conference Program Committee


At-Large Directors are asked to take on the following tasks as appropriate to the mission of the Society.

  1. Undertake special assignments and tasks that contribute to the development of Society position papers.
  2. Engage in activities that help the Society achieve its mission at a national and an international level.
  3. Assure the board represents and communicates the science of natural resource management to issues of public policy with federal, state, and provincial governments.
  4. Build relationships with professional societies; industry; academia; and other environmental, agricultural, and conservation groups on behalf of the Society.
  5. Serve as a liaison to organizations whose missions and goals align with those of the Society.


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